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Welcome to St. John's Preschool



It is our mission to guide the children into successful and purposeful Christian lives

and to maintain the highest standard of education.
We believe that the school and parents should work closely together since both are vitally interested in making your child’s first school experience a pleasant and exciting time.

For 35 years, our Preschool has been a ministry of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Holbrook. The program reflects a Christian orientation to life, faith and values through which we are able to provide a Christian setting for children to grow and explore God's world. We offer programs for 2, 3 and 4 year old children.


Caring Staff

Our warm, experienced teaching staff is dedicated to nurturing the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of each child. Our staff includes licensed and certified teachers, of good Christian character, who lovingly and patiently help each child reach his/her full potential. All preschool teachers and staff are CPR & First Aid trained.

Here at St. John’s your child will:

  learning to get along with others,
  share and take turns, develop fair
  play, respect one’s own property
  and that of others and be courteous.        
  learning to develop a sense of
  responsibility, develop self-reliance
  and develop a reasonable amount of
  learning to develop initiative and
  creativity, follow simple
  directions, ask questions, observe the
  world around them, and develop
  language ability (including introduction
  to letters/numbers)       
  providing an opportunity for
  physical activity (indoor/outdoor
  play), developing muscular
  coordination, poise and grace,
  participation in physical
   learning to see God in the world
   around them, grow in faith with
   the knowledge of Christ, worship
   God daily (home, school, church),
   grow in Christian living.



We accept all children regardless of religious affiliation. We encourage children to be well on their way to potty training.  All students must submit a recent physical examination and be current on their immunizations. Parents can schedule a tour of the school by calling (631) 588-4347.


Families will receive a registration packet at that time. Registration packets can also be mailed out or picked up at school. Once classes are filled, students will be placed on a waiting list for that class.

  • 2 yr Play and Learn Program

  • 3 yr Program

  • 4 yr Program

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